• Name: Gerhard Kuntschik Country: Austria Capital: Vienna Population: 8,8 millions Auto Park: 328.000 new registrations (2019)
  • Name: Xavier Daffe Country: Belgium Capital: Bruxelles Population: 11,239,755 Auto Park: 5,9 millions
  • Name: Ilia Seliktar Country: Bulgaria Capital: Sofia Population: 7,364,570 Auto Park: 2.5 million, year import and registration of new cars - 35 000, second hand - 250 000.
  • Name: Ozren Adamović Country: Croatia Capital: Zagreb Population: 4,284,889 Auto Park: 1,968,370
  • Name: Petros Soutzis Country: Cyprus Capital: Nicosia Population: 1,141,166 Auto Park: 900,000
  • Name: Vladimir Rybecky Country: Czech Republic Capital: Prague Population: 10,538,275 Auto Park: 5 989 538 registered cars, 587 186 registered light commercial vehicles, 186 881 registered trucks (end of the year 2019). Registrations in Czech Republic in 2019: 249 915 new cars, 20 436 new LCVs, 9852 new trucks, 1220 buses. Car production in Czech Republic in 2019: cars + LCVs 1 427 563, trucks cca 1000 (not official), buses 5217.
  • Name: Mikkel Thomsager Country: Denmark Capital: Copenhagen Population: 5,700,000 Auto Park: 2,278,000
  • Name: Tommi Petteri Lempinen Country: Finland Capital: Helsinki Population: 5,300,000
  • Name: Olivier Pagès Country: France Capital: Paris Population: 66,616,416 Auto Park: 33,000,000
  • Name: Ioannis Stavropoulos Country: Greece Capital: Athens Population: 10,815,197 Auto Park: 5.200.000 cars, exclude taxi (is about 34.000) LCV and HCV
  • Name: Robert van Ginneken Country: Holland Capital: Amsterdam Population: 16,491,852 Auto Park: More than 8,9 million. Of which EV 108.000, PHEV plus Range Extender 96.000 (status 12-2019). Average age passenger car owner: 51 years. Average use passenger cars: 13.500 km/year
  • Name: Gábor Szécsényi Country: Hungary Capital: Budapesta Population: 9,877,365 Auto Park: 3,800,000
  • Name: Achim Stahn Country: Germany Capital: Berlin Population: 83,000,000 Auto Park: 47,700,000
  • Name: Dave Humphreys Country: Ireland Capital: Dublin Population: 6,378,000 Auto Park: 2,515,322
  • Name: Alessio Viola Country: Italy Capital: Rome Population: 60,795,612 Auto Park: 36,900,000
  • Name: Krumislav Barzov Country: Macedonia Capital: Skopje Population: 2,058,539 Auto Park: 400,000
  • Name: Anthony Alfred Darmanin Country: Malta Capital: Valletta Population: 425,000 Auto Park: 310,000
  • Name: David Andersen Country: Norway Capital: Oslo Population: 5,136,700 Auto Park: 4,632,000
  • Name: Szczepan Mroczek Country: Poland Capital: Warsaw Population: 38,437,239 Auto Park: 23,000,000
  • Name: Rui Pedro Reis Country: Portugal Capital: Lisbon Population: 10,427,301 Auto Park: 4,480,000
  • Name: Dan Vardie Country: Romania Capital: Bucharest Population: 19,237,691 Auto Park: 8,9 millions
  • Name: Petr Menshikh Country: Russia Capital: Moscow Population: 143,975,923
  • Name: Mladen Alvirović Country: Serbia Capital: Belgrad Population: 7,209,764 Auto Park: 2,200,000
  • Name: Rudolf Karpat Country: Slovakia Capital: Bratislava Population: 5,415,949 Auto Park: 2,725,538
  • Name: Matjaz Korošak Country: Slovenia Capital: Ljublijana Population: 2,061,085 Auto Park: 1,100,000
  • Name: Joan Dalmau Country: Spain Capital: Madrid Population: 46,464,053 Auto Park: 29.9 million vehicles
  • Name: Håkan Nilsson Country: Sweden Capital: Stockholm Population: 10,23 million Auto Park: 4,887,904
  • Name: Markus Rutishauser Country: Switzerland Capital: Bern Population: 8,306,200 Auto Park: 4,503,339
  • Name: Okan Altan Country: Turkey Capital: Ankara Population: 77,695,904 Auto Park: 23,156,975 (End of 2019)
  • Name: Richard Aucock Country: United Kingdom Capital: London Population: 64,511,000 Auto Park: 28,000,000
  • Name: Oleg Vasylevskyi Country: Ukraine Capital: Kiev Population: 42,031,000 Auto Park: 9,500,000

About us


AUTOBEST is an organization & european auto jury which was established in 2000 in Bucharest, Romania by leading motoring writers coming from eight countries of Europe.
Founded: 2000 Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Cyprus
Founder: Dan Vardie
Co-Founders: Ilia Seliktar, Petros Soutzis, Rudolf Karpat, Rade Radulovic
2001: Turkey, Malta, Czech Republic
2004: Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Ukraine
2007: Hungary, Russia.
2008: Greece
2015: 26 countries

2016: +5 countries
AUTOBEST is growing from 26 to 31 represented countries. This expansion is part of the “Next Level Approach” strategy inaugurated two years ago. The new five members represent Denmark, Finland, Germany, Malta and Switzerland and are all outstanding motoring writers, car experts and respected voices in their countries. AUTOBEST is keeping its philosophy of only one journalist representing each country. With 31 member countries, the majority of the European population is represented by the Autobest Jury.

The first AUTOBEST Gala took place in 2001 in Bucharest, Romania, and the first winner of the AUTOBEST trophy for ”Best Buy Car of Europe 2002” it was awarded to Skoda Fabia Sedan. More information about the AUTOBEST archive winners you could find hereunder in the download files.



Autobest awards Best buy car of Europe every year, since 2001.

Our mission is to deliver to the car customers of Europe a solid option not only in best buy car but also in other fields like, eco, infotainment on board, technical and safety. Rank the best suitable passenger cars according to average European consumers needs is our goal

All of our awards are highly regarded as the most important European accolades coming from the largest Independent motoring writers Jury.


The Jury today: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

So far, with 31 countries represented in the jury, AUTOBEST is addressing to total market of more than 7700 million people. It is from now on Autobest Jury is becoming the independent Motoring Writers Jury with the largest representation in Europe.


Trustful: AUTOBEST is a reference frame for people looking to buy a modern, but affordable car.
Fair-minded: It is an Independent Motoring Media which gathering journalists from various media outlets but which not representing their publishers voice or their commercial interests.
Relevant: Transparent and precise voting system.
Expert: Each member of the Jury is an outstanding motoring journalist, a respected voice in his country, trendsetter able to completely assets future trends.
Large scaled: The Jury is addressing no less than 91% of the auto consumers of Europe.




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