• Name: Gerhard Kuntschik Country: Austria Capital: Vienna Population: 8,602,112 Auto Park: 350,000
  • Name: Xavier Daffe Country: Belgium Capital: Bruxelles Population: 11,239,755 Auto Park: 482,939
  • Name: Ilia Seliktar Country: Bulgaria Capital: Sofia Population: 7,364,570 Auto Park: 3,5 mil.
  • Name: Ozren Adamović Country: Croatia Capital: Zagreb Population: 4,284,889 Auto Park: 1,968,370
  • Name: Petros Soutzis Country: Cyprus Capital: Larnaca Population: 1,141,166 Auto Park: 900,000
  • Name: Vladimir Rybecky Country: Czech Republic Capital: Prague Population: 10,538,275 Auto Park: 5,060,360
  • Name: Mikkel Thomsager Country: Denmark Capital: Copenhagen Population: 5,700,000 Auto Park: 2,278,000
  • Name: Tommi Petteri Lempinen Country: Finland Capital: Helsinki Population: 5,300,000
  • Name: Jean-Eric Raoul Country: France Capital: Paris Population: 66,616,416 Auto Park: 33,000,000
  • Name: Ioannis Stavropoulos Country: Greece Capital: Athens Population: 10,815,197
  • Name: Robert van Ginneken Country: Holland Capital: Amsterdam Population: 16,491,852 Auto Park: 8,230,000
  • Name: Gábor Szécsényi Country: Hungary Capital: Budapesta Population: 9,877,365 Auto Park: 3,000,000
  • Name: Jutta Bernhard Country: Germany Capital: Berlin Population: 82,000,000 Auto Park: 45,800,000
  • Name: Dave Humphreys Country: Ireland Capital: Dublin Population: 6,378,000 Auto Park: 2,515,322
  • Name: Gian Luca Pellegrini Country: Italy Capital: Rome Population: 60,795,612 Auto Park: 36,900,000
  • Name: Krumislav Barzov Country: Macedonia Capital: Skopje Population: 2,058,539 Auto Park: 400,000
  • Name: Anthony Alfred Darmanin Country: Malta Capital: Valletta Population: 425,000 Auto Park: 310,000
  • Name: David Andersen Country: Norway Capital: Oslo Population: 5,136,700 Auto Park: 4,632,000
  • Name: Szczepan Mroczek Country: Poland Capital: Warsaw Population: 38,437,239 Auto Park: 23,000,000
  • Name: José Caetano Country: Portugal Capital: Lisbon Population: 10,427,301 Auto Park: 4,480,000
  • Name: Dan Vardie Country: Romania Capital: Bucharest Population: 19,942,642 Auto Park: 6,270,615
  • Name: Maxim Kadakov Country: Russia Capital: Moscow Population: 143,975,923
  • Name: Mladen Alvirović Country: Serbia Capital: Belgrad Population: 7,209,764 Auto Park: 2,200,000
  • Name: Rudolf Karpat Country: Slovakia Capital: Bratislava Population: 5,415,949 Auto Park: 2,725,538
  • Name: Dušan Lukič Country: Slovenia Capital: Ljublijana Population: 2,061,085 Auto Park: 1,100,000
  • Name: Joan Dalmau Country: Spain Capital: Madrid Population: 46,464,053 Auto Park: 855,308
  • Name: Anders Helgesson Country: Sweden Capital: Stockholm Population: 9,775,572 Auto Park: 4,495,473
  • Name: Philipp Aeberli Country: Switzerland Capital: Bern Population: 8,306,200 Auto Park: 4,503,339
  • Name: Okan Altan Country: Turkey Capital: Ankara Population: 77,695,904 Auto Park: 14,500,000
  • Name: Peter Nunn Country: United Kingdom Capital: London Population: 64,511,000 Auto Park: 28,000,000
  • Name: Oleg Vasylevskyi Country: Ukraine Capital: Kiev Population: 44,291,413 Auto Park: 9,000,000

Philipp Aeberli SwitzerlandSwitzerland


Personal Information

05/12/1986, 29 years, Thalwil, Switzerland

Country Represented


Member of Autobest Jury

since 2016

Car Park

4 503 339 passenger cars (2015).
Constant growth (4 119 370 cars in 2010)
Sales 2015: 323 783.
Best selling car: VW Golf, 15 288 units.



Motoring-Journalist for AZ Zeitungen, responsible for car-related content in « Aargauer Zeitung » and « Schweiz am Sonntag ».

Motoring Media Career:

Freelance-Editor for „auto sprint“ and „autocsout24.ch“ in 2012, editor for „Bärtschi Media AG“ in 2013, working for motoring-section in Swiss newspaper „Blick“, 2014-2015 editor for „auto illustrierte“

Awards and Nominations / Professional Performances:

Since 2016: Member of the jury for the swiss car of the year, „Schweizer Auto des Jahres“.


Jan 2016 – present : Automotive Editor, AZ Zeitungen AG
Responsible for all automotive topics in „Aargauer Zeitung“ (daily newspaper, two pages about cars
per week, 376 000 readers) and „Schweiz am Sonntag“ (one page about cars per week, 366 000
Examples: See attached PDF and www.aargauerzeitung.ch/auto
Jan 2014 – Sep 2015 : Automotive Editor for „auto illustrierte“ and „Sonntags Zeitung“
Editor for monthly car-magazine. Roadtests, car news and more.
Examples on request if needed.
Nov 2012 – Dez 2013 : Editor, Bärtschi Media AG
Editor for car-coverage in „Blick“, „Sonntags Blick“ and „Blick am Abend“.
Mar 2012 – Nov 2012 : Freelance Editor
Articles for swiss car magazine s „auto sprint“ and „autoscout24.ch“


The passion for cars got me very early. My parents had to fix a dummy-steering wheel to my baby seat, so I could pretend to drive as well. As soon as I could read, I started buying car-magazines, because I wanted to know everything about it. This finally led me to my job. I think, it is a very interesting time for the car industry right now. It’s not only about inventing new technologies. The big challenge is also, to make the costumer accepting and understanding new technologies. This is why I support AUTOBEST as a member of the Jury. AUTOBEST is dedicated to the costumers needs. It is an independent organisation which is focussed on the costumer.