• Name: Gerhard Kuntschik Country: Austria Capital: Vienna Population: 8,8 millions Auto Park: 328.000 new registrations (2019)
  • Name: Xavier Daffe Country: Belgium Capital: Bruxelles Population: 11,239,755 Auto Park: 5,9 millions
  • Name: Ilia Seliktar Country: Bulgaria Capital: Sofia Population: 7,364,570 Auto Park: 2.5 million, year import and registration of new cars - 35 000, second hand - 250 000.
  • Name: Ozren Adamović Country: Croatia Capital: Zagreb Population: 4,284,889 Auto Park: 1,968,370
  • Name: Petros Soutzis Country: Cyprus Capital: Nicosia Population: 1,141,166 Auto Park: 900,000
  • Name: Vladimir Rybecky Country: Czech Republic Capital: Prague Population: 10,538,275 Auto Park: 5 989 538 registered cars, 587 186 registered light commercial vehicles, 186 881 registered trucks (end of the year 2019). Registrations in Czech Republic in 2019: 249 915 new cars, 20 436 new LCVs, 9852 new trucks, 1220 buses. Car production in Czech Republic in 2019: cars + LCVs 1 427 563, trucks cca 1000 (not official), buses 5217.
  • Name: Mikkel Thomsager Country: Denmark Capital: Copenhagen Population: 5,700,000 Auto Park: 2,278,000
  • Name: Tommi Petteri Lempinen Country: Finland Capital: Helsinki Population: 5,300,000
  • Name: Olivier Pagès Country: France Capital: Paris Population: 66,616,416 Auto Park: 33,000,000
  • Name: Ioannis Stavropoulos Country: Greece Capital: Athens Population: 10,815,197 Auto Park: 5.200.000 cars, exclude taxi (is about 34.000) LCV and HCV
  • Name: Robert van Ginneken Country: Holland Capital: Amsterdam Population: 16,491,852 Auto Park: More than 8,9 million. Of which EV 108.000, PHEV plus Range Extender 96.000 (status 12-2019). Average age passenger car owner: 51 years. Average use passenger cars: 13.500 km/year
  • Name: Gábor Szécsényi Country: Hungary Capital: Budapesta Population: 9,877,365 Auto Park: 3,800,000
  • Name: Achim Stahn Country: Germany Capital: Berlin Population: 83,000,000 Auto Park: 47,700,000
  • Name: Dave Humphreys Country: Ireland Capital: Dublin Population: 6,378,000 Auto Park: 2,515,322
  • Name: Alessio Viola Country: Italy Capital: Rome Population: 60,795,612 Auto Park: 36,900,000
  • Name: Krumislav Barzov Country: Macedonia Capital: Skopje Population: 2,058,539 Auto Park: 400,000
  • Name: Anthony Alfred Darmanin Country: Malta Capital: Valletta Population: 425,000 Auto Park: 310,000
  • Name: David Andersen Country: Norway Capital: Oslo Population: 5,136,700 Auto Park: 4,632,000
  • Name: Szczepan Mroczek Country: Poland Capital: Warsaw Population: 38,437,239 Auto Park: 23,000,000
  • Name: Rui Pedro Reis Country: Portugal Capital: Lisbon Population: 10,427,301 Auto Park: 4,480,000
  • Name: Dan Vardie Country: Romania Capital: Bucharest Population: 19,237,691 Auto Park: 8,9 millions
  • Name: Petr Menshikh Country: Russia Capital: Moscow Population: 143,975,923
  • Name: Mladen Alvirović Country: Serbia Capital: Belgrad Population: 7,209,764 Auto Park: 2,200,000
  • Name: Rudolf Karpat Country: Slovakia Capital: Bratislava Population: 5,415,949 Auto Park: 2,725,538
  • Name: Matjaz Korošak Country: Slovenia Capital: Ljublijana Population: 2,061,085 Auto Park: 1,100,000
  • Name: Joan Dalmau Country: Spain Capital: Madrid Population: 46,464,053 Auto Park: 29.9 million vehicles
  • Name: Håkan Nilsson Country: Sweden Capital: Stockholm Population: 10,23 million Auto Park: 4,887,904
  • Name: Markus Rutishauser Country: Switzerland Capital: Bern Population: 8,306,200 Auto Park: 4,503,339
  • Name: Okan Altan Country: Turkey Capital: Ankara Population: 77,695,904 Auto Park: 23,156,975 (End of 2019)
  • Name: Richard Aucock Country: United Kingdom Capital: London Population: 64,511,000 Auto Park: 28,000,000
  • Name: Oleg Vasylevskyi Country: Ukraine Capital: Kiev Population: 42,031,000 Auto Park: 9,500,000

Gábor Szécsényi HungaryHungary

Personal Information

14.01.1974, Mór, Hungary.

Country Represented

Hungary. Population: approx. 9 900 000.

Member of Autobest Jury

since 2015.

Car Park

3,000,000 vehicles.



Editor in chief of Az Autó.

Motoring Media Career:

  • 2000-2003: Editor of Autó2 Hungary’s then best-selling automotive monthly and Luxusautó, a quarterly magazine on luxury cars. Specialty of automotive technology and technical contents in general.
  • 2001-present:Editor of the publisher’s weekly radio program on cars and around.
  • 2001-2003: Editor of the publisher’s weekly TV show on cars and on the automotive world.
  • 2003-2009:Deputy editor in chief of the magazines above and editor of the bi-monthly Retro Mobil magazine on classic vehicles (outlet of the same publisher)
  • 2006-present: Member of the International Engine of the Year Awards jury.
  • 2009-present:After Autó2 has changed its name to Az Autó continued as deputy editor in chief and Editor in chief of Retro Mobil.
  • 2013-present: Member of the International Vehicle Dynamics Awards jury.
  • 2013-present:Editor in chief of Az Autó.
  • 2015-present: Member of the Autobest jury.


  • Lotus-Retro Mobil Concours d’Elegance Héviz: Exhibition and beauty contest of classic vehicles, since 2006 on yearly basis. Organizer: Az Autó.
  • Retro Mobil Hillclimb: Timekeeping hillclimb for classic vehicles, since 2012 on yearly basis. Organizer: Az Autó.
  • Fleet users conference: Yearly symposium on fleet cars. Use, and maintenance of fleet vehicles. Organizer: Az Autó.
  • Volán Rallye Historic 2015: Two days timekeeping, on-road rallye for classic cars. Az Autó contributes as media partner and fellow organizer.
  • MOSAIC Research: In depth research of Az Autó on car use, car buying habits, and satisfaction of ownership in Hungary since 2005, on yearly basis.


I think AUTOBEST jury sees the automotive industry in a particular way: through the eyes of the professionals and at the same time very much from the customers’ perspective. I do believe this one is by far the best combo to filter out what’s really important, and by this to point out the real best-buy choices of today’s highly complex new car market.